Mapping out your tai chi form – a tool to help

Learning a tai chi form takes time. It can be hard to remember the order of moves, and one little mistake can throw you off for the rest of the sequence.

I recommend ‘mapping out’ the form, by which I mean paying close attention to the direction that you are facing in with each move.

Mapping is easiest if you always practise in the same place, and always start in the same direction. I mapped out my own form in a church hall in Oxford 20 years ago and I can still clearly visualise what it looked like inside! Even now I sometimes refer back to that mental map when running through my form.

To help my students map out their own form I have produced a PDF that lists the moves of the form and providing an arrow which indicates the direction that each move ends up facing.

I’ve provided a sample section above. If you’d like a copy of the full 2 page map then drop me an email or leave a comment below.


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