Make 2018 your year of Tai Chi!

The Monday night class in the Balloch Hall has now resumed. It runs from 2030 – 2130. If you fancy getting 2018 off to a healthful and relaxing start why not come along and give it a try!

I love this time of  year, with its lengthening days and the promise of a fresh start. There’s nothing better than a bit of outdoor Tai Chi in the crisp winter sun.

The photo was taken during a Chi Kung session on the shores of a frozen Loch Morlich, with the snowy Cairngorms behind.  I’m doing standing Chi Kung or Zhan Zhuang (literally standing like a pole). This practise is great for body awareness and  posture. One simply stands and listens the body, paying close attention to all the little micro-adjustments that the body makes as it effortlessly resists the pull of gravity.

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